Real Life Outdoor Nativity

A new way to display a beautiful, detailed and colorful outdoor nativity set.

Full, 17 piece Outdoor Nativity

The all metal pieces are printed with high resolution paint that resists fading. The super hi resolution images are painted on flat metal and fold for easy shipping and storage yet the pieces give the remarkable illusion of being three dimensional. The details – especially the faces – show with such clarity that the Christmas Story is truly brought to life.

Back of Angel, showing the new Anti-Rust Electroplate Coating. All Outdoor Nativities are now electroplated with a durable anti-rust coating that covers 100% of the metal surface and shields the pieces from rust and corrosion

Set up is a snap and each piece comes with durable, three pronged metal stakes to anchor them into the ground. In addition, the sets come with brackets intended to secure the pieces.

Available in a full 12 piece set, a 4 piece Holy Family and Angel set, 4 piece Three Kings and Sitting Camel set, and a two Shepherds, Camel, and Donkey set.

RLN058 – Full 12 Piece Outdoor Nativity

RLN054 – Outdoor Stable

RLN059 – Holy Family and Angel set

RLN052 – Three Kings and Sitting Camel set

RLN053 – Two Shepherds, Camel, and Donkey set

RLN056 – Four piece Animal Set