NEW! The Silent Night Lighted Outdoor Nativity

 A stunning piece that depicts the Holy Family praying over the manger holding the baby Jesus. The rich detail depicts a beautiful scene. The image is printed on flat metal but looks amazingly three dimensional. What really sets the piece apart is the way it’s lit – with the Holy Family bathed in a soft amber light. Lights shine down from behind the top section and mix with a lit lantern in Joseph’s hand and an 18″ tall front light. Together these lights make the piece seem to glow in soft amber light. At more than 55 inches tall, the Silent Night Outdoor Nativity will stand out as a new and favorite addition to outdoor Christmas decorations. 55 18″ x 32 1/4″ with 120v LED lighting. Piece folds to ship and store small. Model RLN055.  

New Anti-Rust Coating

As of the 2023 model year, all outdoor metal nativities are now electroplated with a durable anti-rust coating that covers 100% of the metal surface and shields the pieces from rust and corrosion.