Shepherds & Angel : Deluxe/Standard

Humble shepherds cloaked in simple robes are depicted with the Angel of the Lord.  The angel, with spectacular wings and outstretched hands, delivers the Good News to the first on earth to learn Christ’s birth.  The frightened shepherds gather their flock as they revere the heavenly host.   The scene comes to life painstaking, hand-painted detail and life-like design.

Combine all three sets: The Holy Family, The Shepherds and Angel and The Kings Following the Christmas Star to make up The Real Life Nativity.

Deluxe Set: Standing shepherd, 12 inches; kneeling shepherd is 7 ¾ high and Angel stands 12 ½ tall.   Model GFM 015

Standard Set: Standing shepherd, 9 ¼ inches; kneeling shepherd is 6 ½ inches high and Angel stands 9 ½ tall.   Model GFM 011

Shepards & Angel